Wellness in the Workplace

Fostering a
healthy workplace eco-system

Workplace wellness works very much like any other investment. You invest time and money in the hopes of a more valuable outcome. Likewise, fostering a healthy workplace ecosystem leads to a more productive workforce that helps drive long-term success.


At E3Sports, we help companies re-imagine the way they deliver well-being. We not only create tailored wellness programs that speaks to your employee’s needs, we also ensure our programmes build team comradery and a “culture of wellness,” which in turn, leads to happier,  healthier,  more productive employees. 

Corporate wellness programmes we developed and managed

Temasek Connection 2023 

At the annual Temasek Symposium held at Resorts World Singapore, we devised a physical fitness challenge and oversaw the management of the physical fitness booth.


The objective of the of the challenge was to provide participants with an understanding of their current physical and functional capabilities through a strength test using a hand dynanometer, a muscular endurance test, a balance and lower leg strength test and a balance and agility test. 


People’s Association Staff Fitness Assessment 2022 and 2023

As part of People’s Association workplace health programme, we design, plan and manage the company’s annual employee fitness assessment. 


In addition to  promotiong the assessment amongst staff, we administer the registration, manage the physical fitness assessment and, collate and tabulate the results for more than 2,000 employees across various sections and groups of the organisation.  

Singapore General Hospital Workplace Health Intervention 
This programme is a physical activity engagement and training programme targeted at mature health care workers. The weekly classes are conducted across 12 weeks with 60 pax per session and conducted at several hospitals. 
ComfortDelgro and Active SG Employee Engagement and Wellness Programme
As part of supportive change to health in the workplace, we collaborated with Comfort Delgro and Active SG to design and implement a wellness programme for taxi drivers. The programme was aimed at educating taxi drivers about health and wellness as well as equip them with basic physical exercise routines and nutrition knowledge. 
Workplace Wellness ORBA_1100 x 400 px

Orchard Road Business Association Work Great on a Great Street 

A precinct level programme along Orchard Road to get businesses and staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle in and around the office. The programme was a combination of specially curated corporate talks and exercise programmes.