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We believe in preventive instead of curative healthcare and helping individuals navigate health and wellness is an essential step in driving this vision. 


At E3Sports, our aim is to empower individuals to take care of their own health and embrace a holistic approach towards well-being through health, contentment, purpose, and connection. We do this through collaborating with community partners, orgnisations and social service agencies to deliver fitness programmes, sporting talks, wellness workshops, sports development clinics and more for the community.

Fitness Adventures

Fitness is a lifestyle and we believe that lifestyle should include some adventure!


We offer you the opportunity to take part in inspiring travel adventures, from scenic treks, mountaineering summit attempts to witnessing spectacular views from the highest peak. We take care of the planning for the trip, provide pre-trip support and if required, custom design a training programme to help you prepare for the adventure. We ensure you are not only prepared for each adventure but also that your experience is nothing less than exceptional.


We take you on a different experience each and every trip. Click here for details of our upcoming adventure.

Getting Trail Ready


We believe in leading extraordinary lives – Dreaming the adventure, Experiencing the adventure and Challenging your potential.


At E3Sports, we not only create opportunities for you to be outdoors and be surrounded by nature, we train you to help you prepare for the adventure. Our 12-week Getting Trail Ready programme will cover aerobic conditioning and strength endurance training and is designed to get you in shape for a mountaineering summit attempt of standard routes or for advanced multi-day backpacking trips with elevation gain.  


Keen to get out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries and reach your potential? We will ensure that you are ready for your fitness adventure.


Join our enthusiastic community todayI Click here for details of our Getting Trail Ready programme.

Healthy You & Me

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Healthy You & Me is a community fitness programme designed to help increase the fitness levels of Singaporeans through a multi-component approach:


1) Identifying barriers and reframing negative misconceptions about exercise through custom content;

2) Integrating physical fitness into daily life routines where people live, work and play;

3) Recognising individual differences through tailored programmes focused on realistic goals that enable gradual attainment; and

4) Incorporating both in-person and virtual social support groups that create a sense of camaraderie and help participants stay on track.


We are looking for community partners and corporate sponsors for this programme. If you are a brand looking to be associated with a community programme that aims to help Singaporeans live healthier lives, we would love to connect with you.


For more information, please email us at



Our Services Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness in the workplace

Workplace wellness works very much like any other investment. You invest time and money in the hopes of a more valuable outcome. Likewise, fostering a healthy workplace ecosystem leads to a more productive workforce that helps drive long-term success.


At E3Sports, we help companies re-imagine the way they deliver well-being. We not only create tailored wellness programs that speaks to your employee’s needs, we also ensure our programmes build team comradery and a “culture of wellness,” which in turn, leads to happier, healthier, more productive employees.

More community fitness programmes we led

Rolling Good Times

Falls are common cases of injuries among older adults in Singapore, and the incidence of falls increases with age.


We partnered the Health Promotion Board and oversaw more than 40 runs of Rolling Good Times, an Active Aging group exercise class to help the elderly age successfully and live confident, independent lives. The custom designed programme helped participants build muscle strength, improve balance and flexibility, as well as learn basic rolling techniques to minimise the risk of injuries in case of a fall.


Read more about this programme in The Straits Times.



Alongside the Health Promotion Board, we designed a 12-week exercise training programme for Singaporeans aged 50 years and above. Conducted at community clubs, Senior Activity Centres, condominium function rooms, and religious community centres, the programme helped older adults keep active so that they stay healthy, lower the risk of health problem and age independently. 

Community Physical Activity

To get residents off their seats and moving, we worked with Health Promotion Board to run an island-wide community outreach programme to promote physical activity amongst the general Singaporean population. Between 2017 and 2022, we conducted more than 72,000 onsite and 1,000 virtual classes for over 1.4 million participants. They include Zumba lessons and resistance band trainings.

Athletics Fiesta 2016

Held at the National Stadium, we oversaw Athletics Fiesta by SportsSG, a 2-day event with free activities for a family day out. The range of sporting activities were suitable for all ages and abilities, comprising a ‘F.I.T Challenge for All’, ‘2KM Walk Test’, ‘”Blind” Run Experience & Clinic’ and ‘Race Yourself, Beat your Best’. There were more than 300 families at the fiesta. 

Health and Wellness Programmes

We have a range of community, corporate, personal training and wellness programmes that is specially curated to meet the needs of every community and individual.


Regain your edge
Looking to recover from a bout of stress, bounce back after a break from exercise or restart after a recent illness? Our reboot programme integrates physical conditioning, nutritional meal planning, and mental skills training to rebuild and strengthen the body's mental and physical platform to correct imbalances and deficiencies that may manifest as disease.
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Body Right

Regaining mobility and function
This programme aims to reverse the impact of injury, muscle weakness, and limited range or motion movement through the integration of functional joint strengthening exercises that restores strength and proper function of the musculoskeletal system.
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Body Glow

Regaining confidence and belief
Body confidence is an important building block of self-esteem, and our programme provides the necessary foundation and support to build body positivity through a structured physical coaching session, dietary support and mental skills training. The programme strengthens individual self-esteem, improves physical capability, endurance and confidence in oneself.
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Achieving body balance and recovery
Burnout and exhaustion are increasingly impacting our personal and social lives. With mental and physical stresses impacting our daily lives, this programme provides holistic support and strengthens individual minds and bodies through a combination of physical relaxation and conditioning programmes to calm and strengthen the body. Together with nutritional and mental skills training, individuals will be equipped with the tools and physical strength to meet life’s daily challenges.
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Body Might

Enhancing movement and agility
High-performance exercise activities such as competitive sports or endurance programmes require adequate body conditioning to meet the demands of physical exercise and to prevent injury. This programme incorporates both specific and cross-training exercises to provide balanced development across the skeletal musculature and core, enabling sustained high-performance capabilities.
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Body Fit

Enhancing fitness and overall energy levels
With ever-increasing demands and expectations, individuals are stressed to do more and accomplish more. To ensure that individuals perform at their optimal levels, they need to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. This programme provides holistic support that trains and develops their physical, mental and emotional capabilities to bring about optimal performance.
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