We are E3Sports!
A diversified sports management, entertainment and education enterprise

E3Sports aims to build stronger minds and bodies through science and education. With more than 14 years experience in project management, programme creation and events management, the team of professionals at E3Sports offers businesses in the sporting lifestyle industry as well as organisations in other industries the opportunity to be part of the larger health and sporting movement in Singapore and Asia.

Building stronger minds and bodies through science and education

EducationPerformance Excellence and Entertainment have been the three pillars of our business and we have been working closely with the community and our corporate partners to make impactful changes in the lives of individuals. The experiences and learnings of our participants is our key focus and we will continue to grow in that direction as we introduce new digital and sports technology initiatives to our service and programme line-ups.


We believe that education has the power to change people’s lives and it is through the knowledge gained that we reframe and shape the perception of physical activity.


At E3Sports, through fitness programmes, sporting talks, wellness workshops, sports development clinics and more, we aim to create a better understanding of the human body and increase self efficacy as well as the belief that “I can also do it” amongst people within the community.


Working out regularly has several benefits and weight control or building muscle may be two benefits that immediately come to mind. But moving regularly has emotional and social benefits as well. It is proven to increase energy levels and improve cognitive functions. 


At E3Sports, fostering a healthy ecosystem is essential in helping to lift the performance, resilience, engagement and mental health of individuals at home and in the workplace as it makes us better partners, parents and colleagues.


Nothing beats experiences, and events are the perfect platform to bring products and experiences to your target audiences.

We have the capabilities to run live, virtual and hybrid events. Through our tailored virtual event platforms and live broadcasting capabilities, we produce live events where all attendees are physically present at a physical location at the time of the event; virtual events where everyone attends online, and hybrid events that are combinations of both. 

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Building personal strength through physical conditioning, mental toughness.  

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$ 39 Per month
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$ 59 Per month
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