Performance training through workshops and academy programmes
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High-performance athlete management and representation
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We are E3! A diversified sports management, entertainment and education enterprise

E3 specialises in events, programme creation and management. With more than 14 years experience in running and promoting events and development programmes, the team of professionals at E3 offers businesses in the sporting lifestyle industry the opportunity to grow and develop their capabilities, and be part of the larger health and sporting movement in Singapore and Asia.

Building stronger minds and bodies through science and education

We aim to building stronger minds and bodies through science and education. EducationPerformance Excellence and Entertainment have been the three pillars of our business and we have been working closely with the community and corporate partners to make impactful changes in the lives of individuals. The experiences and learnings of our participants have been our key focus and we will grow in that direction as we introduce new digital and sports technology initiatives to our service and programme lineups


We maintain that it is through teaching that we truly understand what we learn and it is through education that we become better individuals.


At E3, we believe in educating the future generation of athletes and sporting individuals through a better understanding of the human body and the power of the sporting spirit. We aim to achieve this through growing school sports capabilities by way of sporting speakers and talks, sports training workshops, and sports development camps and clinics.


Besides educating the future generation of athletes and sporting individuals about the power of the sporting spirit, we also nurture excellence amongst sports administrators and professionals through tailored programmes like weight management, active ageing, adventure sports, cyber arena competitions, and injury analysis and prevention.

Our areas of expertise comprise sports management and administration, club and centre management, athlete representation, elite athlete training, monitoring and development, sports medicine, and sports science support services.


Nothing beats experiences, and events are the perfect platform to bring products and experiences to your target audiences.

We have the capabilities to run live, virtual and hybrid events. Through our tailored virtual event platforms and live broadcasting capabilities, we produce live events where all attendees are physically present at a physical location at the time of the event; virtual events where everyone attends online, and hybrid events that are combinations of both. 

Reduce stress
Balance life
Core stengthening
Nutritional health

Offering courses


Regain your edge


Transform your potential, achieving your fitness and performance goals
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body right

Regaining mobility and function

Body Right

Rehabilitative approach to improving motion and functional ability. Reversing the influence of injury, muscle weakness or range or motion. aiding personal independence, falls prevention and general well-being
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BODY glow

Regaining confidence and belief

Body Glow

A healthy fit body reinforces inner well-being and encourages greater self belief. Establishing improved physical capability, endurance and a sense of accomplishment will lay the foundations for further growth and development, and encourage renewed confidence in one's self
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Achieving body balance and adequate recovery


Restoring balance in your body, mind and spirit, making you feel fresh and new
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body might

Enhancing movement and agility

Body might

Active bodies requires movement specific conditioning to ensure the physical ability - power, strength, agility and endurance to perform at the desired standards. Effective conditioning enables sustained performance abilities and reduces the occurrence of injuries. A systematic approach is essential for the progressive nurturing and adaptation of the body
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BODY fit

Enhancing fitness and overall energy levels

body fit

Pushing out bodies and striving to achieve greater goals be it in the sporting or corporate arenas requires a strong performance platform to build upon. Being fit ensures the physical ability to take on the stresses and demands of tasks. Effective energy management ensures sustained ability to complete the task and improve productivity.
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You can always control what goes on inside

Building personal strength through physical conditioning, mental toughness.  

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Basic yoga

Experiencing yoga for beginners. Introductory and experiencing basic poses. 

Restortative yoga

Winding down after a long day and relaxing your mind and body.

Dynamic yoga

Intense and dynamic exercises that links movement and breath together in a dance-like way

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Enhancing life and mental well being through exercise

Achieving balance for better tomorrow

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