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At E3, we offer a distinctive, scientifically driven, systematic approach to corporate wellness that sets us apart from other providers. Our methodology, based on rigorous scientific research, ensures that every aspect of our wellness programme is effective, sustainable, and tailored to meet your organisation’s and its employees’ unique needs.

Our comprehensive wellness services are designed to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of your employees, leading to enhanced performance, reduced absenteeism, and a more positive work environment.

To get started, we would like to learn more about your company and the specific health and wellness goals you have in mind. Tell us about your organisational needs, the current wellness initiatives you have in place, and the challenges you face in promoting employee health. Our goal is to tailor a wellness programme that perfectly aligns with your company’s vision and objectives.

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Each organisation has unique needs and goals regarding employee wellness. Our onboarding process for corporate members is tailored to provide comprehensive, strategic, and impactful wellness programmes that go beyond traditional approaches. 


Strategic Health Policy Development

To help companies establish a robust health and wellness policy as part of their HR strategy.

  • Initial Consultation: Meet with key stakeholders to understand the organisation’s vision, goals, and current wellness initiatives.
  • Policy Crafting: Help craft a comprehensive health policy that includes wellness goals, strategies, and guidelines aligned with the company’s objectives.
  • Integration: Ensure the wellness policy integrates seamlessly with existing HR policies and company culture.


Comprehensive Needs Assessment

To gather detailed information about the organisation’s and its employees’ health and wellness needs.

  • Organisational Assessment: Conduct a thorough evaluation of the workplace environment, existing wellness programs, and employee health metrics.
  • Employee Surveys: Distribute surveys to collect data on employee health concerns, wellness interests, and preferences for programme offerings.


Custom Wellness Programme Design

To develop a tailored wellness programme that addresses the specific needs and goals of the organization.

  • Program Development: Create a customised wellness programme that includes physical fitness, nutritional guidance, mental wellness, and ergonomic improvements.
  • Special Initiatives: Design initiatives such as wellness challenges, health camps, and team-building activities promoting engagement and participation.
  • Implementation Plan: Develop a detailed implementation plan with timelines, resource allocation, and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Health Screenings and Ergonomic Assessments

To establish baseline health data and optimize the workplace environment for employee well-being.

  • Health Screenings: Offer comprehensive health screenings for all employees to identify potential health risks and provide personalised recommendations.
  • Ergonomic Assessments: Conduct ergonomic evaluations of workstations to enhance comfort, reduce injury risk, and improve productivity.
  • Individual Reports: Provide detailed health and ergonomic reports for each employee, including actionable insights and recommendations.


Engaging Wellness Activities and Training

To engage employees and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for sustained wellness.

  • Wellness Workshops: Conduct workshops on various topics such as nutrition, stress management, fitness, and mental health.
  • Training Events: Organize training events and wellness camps that focus on team-building and holistic health practices.
  • Interactive Sessions: Facilitate interactive sessions such as cooking demonstrations, fitness classes, and mindfulness meditation.


Personalised Wellness Plans

To create individualised wellness plans that cater to the specific health needs of each employee.

  • Tailored Fitness Plans: Develop personalized workout routines based on each employee’s fitness level and goals.
  • Custom Nutrition Plans: Create individualised meal plans and dietary advice tailored to specific health needs and preferences.
  • Mental Wellness Strategies: Provide personalised mental wellness strategies, including stress management techniques and mindfulness practices.


Continuous Monitoring and Support

To ensure continuous improvement and sustained health benefits through regular monitoring and support.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Schedule regular follow-ups to monitor progress, provide feedback, and adjust wellness plans as needed.
  • Progress Tracking Tools: Utilize advanced tools to track fitness levels, dietary habits, and mental wellness, providing real-time feedback.
Strategic Health Policy Development
To help companies establish a robust health and wellness policy and strategy
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
To gather organisation's and employee health and wellness needs
Custom Wellness Programme design
To develop a tailored wellness programme for the specific needs and goals of the company
Health screening and Ergonomic Assessment
To establish baseline health data and workplace safety
Engaging Wellness Activities
To engage and equip employees with the knowledge and skills needed for sustained wellness
Personalised Wellness Plans
To create individualised wellness plans that cater to specific health needs of each employee
Continuous Monitoring and Support
To ensure continuous improvement and sustained health benefits
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Explore our various corporate programmes available

We have a diverse range of programmes specifically designed for corporate clients to enhance the overall well-being of their employees. Our holistic wellness programmes integrate physical fitness, mental wellness, nutrition, and ergonomic support to create a comprehensive approach to employee health.

Fitness Programmes

On-Site Fitness Classes

Group exercise sessions conducted at the workplace, tailored to various fitness levels and preferences.

  • Examples: Yoga, Pilates, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Zumba, and Strength Training.
  • Benefits: Improves physical fitness, boosts morale, and fosters team spirit.

Personalised Fitness Plans

Customized workout routines designed for individual employees based on their fitness levels and goals.

  • Benefits: Provides tailored fitness solutions, increases engagement, and helps employees achieve personal health goals.

Fitness Challenges

Team-based or individual fitness challenges to encourage regular physical activity.

  • Examples: Step count competitions, cycling challenges, and virtual races.
  • Benefits: Promotes physical activity, fosters a sense of community, and enhances motivation.

Wellness Programmes

Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops

Sessions that teach mindfulness techniques and meditation practices to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

  • Benefits: Reduces stress, enhances focus, and promotes emotional resilience.

Counselling Services

Access to professional mental health support for individual or group sessions.

  • Benefits: Provides emotional support, addresses mental health challenges, and improves overall well-being.

Stress Management Workshops

Educational sessions on managing stress through various techniques such as relaxation exercises, time management, and resilience building.

  • Benefits: Reduces stress, improves mental health, and enhances productivity.

Nutrition Programmes

Nutritional Seminars

Expert-led discussions on balanced diets, healthy eating habits, and meal planning.

  • Benefits: Educates employees on nutrition, promotes healthy eating habits, and supports overall health.

Personalised Meal Plans

Customised meal plans tailored to individual health needs and dietary preferences.

  • Benefits: Provides personalised nutritional guidance, helps in weight management, and improves overall well-being.

Healthy Eating Challenges

Interactive programmes encouraging employees to make healthier food choices.

  • Examples: “Healthy Lunch Week” or “Sugar-Free Challenge.”
  • Benefits: Promotes healthy eating, encourages teamwork, and enhances employee engagement

Ergonomics and Workplace Wellness

Ergonomic Assessments

Evaluations of workstations to ensure they support healthy posture and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Benefits: Improves comfort, reduces injury risk, and enhances productivity.

Workplace Wellness Workshops

Educational sessions on creating a healthy workspace, including topics such as posture, stretching, and ergonomics.

  • Benefits: Educates employees on workplace health, reduces injury risk, and improves overall well-being.

Wellness Policy Development

Assistance in crafting a comprehensive health and wellness policy that aligns with organisational goals.

  • Benefits: Provides a structured approach to employee wellness, integrates wellness into corporate culture, and ensures long-term success.

Specialty Initiatives

Health Screenings

Regular health screenings to identify potential health risks and provide personalised recommendations.

  • Benefits: Early detection of health issues, personalised health guidance, and improved overall health.

Wellness Camps

Intensive wellness programmes that focus on team-building, fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness.

  • Benefits: Deepens engagement, fosters teamwork, and promotes holistic health.

Team Building Initiatives

Activities designed to promote physical activity, teamwork, and overall well-being.

  • Examples: Corporate retreats, outdoor adventures, and sports events.
  • Benefits: Enhances team cohesion, improves physical fitness, and boosts morale.

Programmes designed for the Every Body