Getting back on track

We are offering a new exciting community exercise programme

Getting Back on Track is a 12 week Health Promotion Board programme that focuses on developing better mental health and cognitive ability through exercise.

Led by professional trainers, this programme aims to:

  • Reduce common injuries through better body awareness and an enhanced understanding of functional ability

  • Better cope with daily tasks through building core and functional strength

  • Boost cognitive ability through skill challenges and game activities

  • Teach easy at-home workout moves

Community Programme

Getting back on track

This programme aims to equip participants with an understanding of the importance of exercise and the role that exercise can play in enhancing mental health and strengthening the cognitive abilities of individuals. 

  • To improve body awareness and overall understanding of functional ability to reduce common injuries related to bad posture and movement habits, use of common furniture and overuse injuries.
  • To build core and functional strength to meet the needs of daily tasks
  • Improve cognitive and attention ability through skill challenges and game activities
  • To introduce safe exercises that can be adopted and used at home or with family


Exercise helps the body build resilience to better cope with stress by lowering levels of stress hormones and helps lower rates of anxiety and depression in individuals. This programme aims to help improve and sharpen memory, strengthen attention and logical thinking, keeping individuals fit for everyday life and improved concentration on daily tasks


Over the 12 week programme, participants will be introduced to a variety of conditioning exercises, together with mental cognitive training that will engage the mind and improve one’s ability to learn new skills. 

Guided video training

Easy to follow training guides

Guided video training

Access our easy to follow training videos to complement the various onsite and virtual training classes
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Onsite Training Classes

Exercise in the community in open spaces and parks

Onsite Training Classes

Participate in our community classes with friends and be guided by our professional trainers through the various conditioning exercises
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Virtual Classes

Exercising online in the comforts of home

Virtual Training Classes

Participate in our online group training classes and be guided by our professional trainers through the various exercise and movement routines
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Benefits of Holistic Functional Training

Improved Movement Patterns

Incorporating exercises that are based on movement patterns, not isolated muscle actions

Improved Movement Efficiency

Incorporating exercises programmes based on body movement patterns without the aid of machines

Improved Physique

Targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time to develop a leaner stronger physique

Improved Coordination and Mobility

Helps reduce the risk of injury by improving overall coordination and mobility

Improve metabolism

By developing more lean muscle mass

Increased Calorie Burn

Helps to burn more calories when compared to traditional strength training

Improved Aerobic Capacity

Reaping the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to achieve higher intensity of training

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